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Laptop & PC Repairs

Are you satisfied with your computer? Is your laptop working smoothly? These are some of the issues you must analyze before using these devices for performing tasks and storing your important data. Computer and laptops have become the bare necessities of life. Cell Outlet also supports your software installation

  • Adaptor cut off not working ,Adaptor Burns
  • Adaptor not working and Not charging
  • Battery not working ,Battery working with delay
  • Blue tooth fault,camera fault
  • clock generator, KB Fault ,Low Battery

Screen Repairs

Is your screen not showing you proper graphics as it used to show before? Is there any problem in its visibility? If there is any such problem, make sure that you have not dropped your laptop on the floor or the screen has not been hit by any tough stuff, as these are the problems that arise from broken or a cracked screen.

  • Discoloration on screen
  • Cracked or broken screens
  • Flickering image
  • Ink blots or irregular lines on screen
  • Dead pixels
  • Cracked digitizer glass on tablets

iPhone & iPad repairs

Even though iphone, iPad or Mac is strong enough to bear hardships and virus attacks but there times it needs attention of a professional. If you have broken touch screen, jumbled display or white screen IPhones repairs or iPad repair professional in Houston can fix this problem within minutes.Cell Outlet is here to help you.

  • Stuck on Apple logo
  • Rapid battery drain
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working
  • iTunes Store keeps crashing
  • iMessage or FaceTime not working
  • Freezing
  • Apps keep logging you out
  • iPhone won’t turn on

About The Cell Outlet

Is your computer not functioning properly? Is it exhibiting slow speed?  Did it break down in the middle of your task? Are you expecting that computer related faults will cause your all the data, photos and files to be lost at once? Well, these are the problems we hear almost on a daily basis at our home, offices, schools etc. If you have been facing any of such issues then you don’t need to be worry anymore. There is a place where you can find all the solutions, under one roof. The name of this roof is Cell Outlet the connoisseurs of computer repair. We are an established company in Houston, Texas, United States.

Cell Outlet proudly presents you its quality, hassle free, affordable and professional computer repair services. With our highly skilled and dedicated team, we ensure you to have complete solution to any of the computer related problems. Cell Outlet offers you computer repair services that are free from any hidden charges and assure you complete satisfaction with quality work. We have hired a very proficient staff that can make your computer fully reinstated within a short span of time, making it working smoothly and efficiently.

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